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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone 🙂

So, today marks the last day for the GGGE2153 Education Technology course for our 3rd semester. Honestly, through this class, I have seen myself changing from the part where I hate dealing with ICT things especially to run in application that requires a lot of work, into being someone who enjoys & accept & realize the reality and truth about the importance of mastering the skills in this area for our own future good.

Thank you very much for the beloved lecturer Dr Rosseni for never stop believing in us & keep encouraging us to keep going on so that we are able to complete the video-making project. Next, for the facilitators especially Kak Ana, Mr Helmi and brother Fuad for never stop teaching us what we should know regarding the lessons (Movie Maker, Photoshop) as well as guiding us through the process of making this video very meaningful. Every comment, opinions and ideas from them are very precious and we use it very well to apply through this video.

I especially like the videos from GG Creation because they manage to insert humour element while delivering the message of the importance of heart donation.

Ladies Production also did very well because they are delivering the message about Jawi through interesting and realistic story line.

Minnion Production video about mother moved my heart to tears and I really am proud for them.

Triple N Single I also deliver their message about Nature in a creative style.

Chaos Production’s video about relationship also is interesting and realistic.

I also respect Bananana Production’s video about obesity & aneroxia for doing something different from others.

Last but not least, the only individual Ain is also admirable for manage to produce a video about unity by herself.

Honestly, for my group 4Diva Production, there are not much else to prepare for today as my groupmate and I have already been ready since last week. Besides, there are not many changes or improvements that we have to do since our message is successfully delivered to the audience. Except that I edited the video in terms of the background music arrangement so that it will become parallel with the videos, we also tried to edit the poster to make it look brighter, livelier and of the same font (the title ‘One Step Closer’), overall our video is good 🙂


Oh, for the poster, we did not do any changes since we try to edit it, the feelings is a little bit off with the poster mainly because we could not find a picture that shows off the vibe of formal yet inspirational like this. That is our opinion. Besides, the poster is already printed.

The presentation also went well for only less than 2 minutes and straight to the video presentation. Alhamdulillah, everyone voted our video from ‘Good’ until ‘Excellent’ which is already good enough for us and worth the sweat producing this video.

The yummy prize for all of us :)

The yummy prize for all of us 🙂

Alhamdulillah we got it as a token of appreciation :)

Alhamdulillah we got it as a token of appreciation 🙂

The hardworking, forgiving, kind and best lecturer and facilitators of all :)

The hardworking, forgiving, kind and best lecturer and facilitators of all 🙂

The poster & the Storyboard

The poster & the Storyboard

Memory of Edutechnovation Day :)

Memory of Edutechnovation Day 🙂

Oh, by the way, for the ‘1 Minute Pitch’ that is not able to be presented in class, we are required to record it and post it here. It is basically some sharing about our experience from this course. Unfortunately there is some problem for my video and I have to edit it by using Movie Maker to make it better (really utilise what we have learn in class haha).

{p.s: please view in HD 😉 }

One more thing, here’s my ‘Introduction video’ which is recorded in the earlier semester. Though I’ve already post this video in the earlier entry, to make it an easier for the lecturer to evaluate, I decided to post this video in this entry again 🙂

Before I forgot, the final exam is coming up in next two weeks time. I am planning to revise back on what I have learned so far in class by referring to the blogs, running the application learned so that I can remember the functions and such. Plus, the lecturer and facilitators are also around if anything I would like to ask them. I really hope that I can score the final exam because since I enjoyed making the video project a success, I also would like to score on the exam as well as to maintain my pointer so that I can graduate & achieve my dream of becoming an educator.

So, overall, I really learn a lot from this course for every lesson is very meaningful and useful for our future use. As a teacher-to-be, I can use the skills learnt in this class o attract my students’ attention while keeping on par with the development of ICT in the future. Therefore, I really enjoy this class and the memory will stick to my head forever. Thank you very much everyone 🙂

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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone 🙂

Mentioning about Edutechnovation day is already stressful for me. This is like the second last week before study week and the workload of assignment, presentation, assignment, presentation etc etc are increasing day by day. Honestly, for this whole week, my attention as well as my classmates all focus on this project. My group members and I are like in the final stage of the video editing process before it complete as well as for our poster. Before  we can proceed with them during the EduTechnovation day, Dr Rosseni & the tutors required us to post it in the FB group so that everyone can comment on our work.

At first, my group members and I thought that we wanted to give the audience a surprise about our video & that’s why we were thinking on not posting them in the group. Unfortunately for our group, as well as the other groups in my class, it is really unexpected that the lecturer & tutors were commenting on our video as well as the poster like it is still in the first phase of our work. Dr Rosseni and the tutors keep commenting on other groups posters and videos to improvise certain parts which makes me quite worried because my groupmate, Jaja who works on the video editing process could not upload the video in our FB group because of some technical problem.

The main problems that I found being highlighted by the lecturer & tutors are that the message in the video are not clear, some scenes are not fit to the background of the story, the arrangement of scenes is not quite right etc. That is about the video. What’s more upsetting – regarding the poster – was that when I read through all of the comments from the lecturer, some of the criteria that should have been followed as guidelines to produce our poster has not even been mentioned earlier on when we have our class lesson on photoshop. I was quite shocked too. I sincerely know & aware that those guidelines represent the marks that we need to protect for our project. However, when it was told at the eleventh hour, everyone will work under pressure. Maybe it is our fault for not consulting with the lecturer & tutors for their opinion on our work & not just do our business alone. When we were working on our poster, we were only relying on the sample posters of our seniors work. We really do appreciate their comments to improve our work quality as they are more expert in this field.

But then supposedly, they need to told us earlier on time and not during the ‘injury time’ where there are less than 48 hours before the ‘big day’. I seriously think that my group and I were doomed!

When I browse through the responses from the lecturers, I know that our work need a lot of improvements because our video & poster do not follow some of the criteria listed. Therefore, to solve the problem, we decided to meet face-to-face with Dr Rosseni, but Kak Ana was the one who guided & pointed out one by one of what we should improvise for our poster & video on the spot. We were really thankful to her though we were feeling quite depressed.

There is one principle that I keep. Instead of regretting for our mistake and keep complaining, it will be a whole lot better if we take the time when we’re complaining to get to work and have them done. After all, complaining won’t make things change miraculously as what we desire!

After our consultation with Kak Ana, she says that our video message is not clear. so, she have suggested many thing to us regarding our video:

  • Add a scene where someone will give explain or give tips for an appropriate attire to an interview.
  • Add a scene where Fatin will re-attend an interview session with confidence & satisfied with her performance during the interview.
  • Delete the whole last scene where the successful Fatin met her friend and shake hands (Fatin is now a career woman).
  • Replace the scene where Fatin is at her office doing her work as a career woman.

Meanwhile for our poster:

  • The picture should be able to relate with our title ‘One Step Closer’
  • Not necessarily include our pictures
  • Tagline is important & should give a clue of what our video is all about

Of course there are already many drafts of our poster but  we decided that this the best made so far. Though Dr mentioned not to print our poster yet and we can just show through the slides, but we’re feeling very insecure if our marks will be deducted & decided to print it anyway. So did other groups.

I’ve been researching & brainstorming with Aqilah to find a suitable tagline & finally manage to come up with one.

Last Edit Last

Anyway anyhow, we have tried to do our best to follow the advice and guidance from the lecturers. It is quite amazing though how we managed to pull through the day to shoot three additional scenes and make our video worked out in just a day! One day before EduTechnovation happen, Aqilah and me managed to edit almost 70% of our video while Jaja and Fatin edit our poster & storyboard.

Alhamdulillah we managed to satisfy the requirements pinpointed by the lecturers & our presentation received a positive feedback from Dr and the tutors. Our classmates also enjoy our videos as shown from the voting results where most of the votes went to ‘Memuaskan’ & ‘Excellent’ level.  I am also relieve that our message are being delivered successfully to the audience. We were really grateful and honestly speaking, I’m so happy that my groupmate managed to give a full commitment to make our work excel. Although the whole process to reach today’s level is quite torturing – losing sleeps, getting sore eyes for sticking to the laptop’s screen for hours etc – the whole process is the true learning process and it can be a lesson to me to not procrastinate and be more proactive in our work. This could be one of the memory that I will never forget as an Education Technology student.

So, for now, I can sigh relief for the only work left is to do a final touch up to our project and improve some little details on our poster and video. At the same time, prepare for our 1 minute pitch. I’ve already thinking of including today’s lesson in my speech haha

Till the real EduTechnovation day arrived next week, thank you for today.

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Week 12 – A Reminder

hello-1774Assalamualaikum and hello everyone 😦

download (4)Today’s ambience seems different than before. I noticed that the lecturer & facilitators’ mood are quite serious – like something is off and it ought to be because of us. Sure enough – WE are the problem 😦 When Dr Rosseni told us that she is upset with our work, I felt so down and could not even look at her face. I am very much aware that it is because of our incomplete individual blog reflection that she is disappointed with. The marks are BEYOND terrible for out of 30, the highest person scores only 10 marks!! I have the feeling that I am the one that scores the lowest mark. Terrible!

I too am very disappointed with myself for procrastinating so much on updating the individual reflection after class. It’s not that I’m very much busy or what, it’s just that when it comes to do a thing that I least like – such as writing (essay, blog, etc), I tend to procrastinate the work. I’m so sorry towards everyone. I hereby deeply apologize to our kind and motherly lecturer, Dr Rosseni and our facilitators – Kak Ana, Mr Helmi & brother Fuad for taking advantage of your kindness and gentleness towards us. From now on with the remaining time & week, I will do my best to fulfill the work requirements as soon as possible. Well, not to mention to prioritize my work first before entertainment & manage my time accordingly.

Also, thank you very much for giving us a PRECIOUS second chance to redeem our mistake. Thank you very much and Allah SWT can repay you guys.

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And everytime I feel like procrastinate, I’ll remember this picture.



I’m glad because I finally realize how important this group is that carries our 30% carry mark. I seriously don’t want to make my pointer going down. My thinking that these reflections can be done two or three days after the class is proved WRONG and I’m still reflecting on it for my bad attitude for doing it often. Therefore, I plan to update this blog after class from now on and reflect as much as I can on what input have I get from the lesson. So, THANK YOU very much Dr and our facilitators 🙂


Moving on to our job, my group have shown our video to our facilitator and they did comment on our long~~~~ first scene & to include one more scene which can clearly deliver the message of our video. Also, they told us not to use to many transitions between a scene to another for it can make the audience a bit confuse and interfere with the smoothness of our video story line. Well, it seems that we have overlook that part. We will take note of that and improve it before posting it again in our 4Diva group in Facebook for final comment from Dr and the rest of the facilitators.

As such, for our upcoming Edutechnovation day next Friday, I’m very very nervous and worried if our work is not satisfied by others and if something bad happens to our project. We did plan to distribute some flyers to attract crowd towards our group production. The poster is under repair and almost done for now. Hopefully everything will be finished by then and it will be a success. The lecturer & facilitators did mention countless times on how dead important is our Edutechnovation day is & to do extra well on that including for our presentation. What a nerve-wrecking situation!


Haaa for our presentation, my group plan to do something different including the medium of our slides, our attire etc that can make us different from our group (of course while maintaining the formal code, not something extravagant). Not to mention, I’m in the process of thinking what should I deliver during my 1 min pitch. It must will be something meaningful that I experienced and gain while doing this project with my group mate. Something I’ve learnt & will never forget.

That’s all for now. Bye 🙂



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Assalamualaikum and hello world!

We’re doing a poster today. Using Adobe Photoshop that we were taught last two weeks.

Honestly, I’m quite excited to do the poster but at the same time, a bit worried & fed up because I’m not really fond to it.

Sorry everyone 😦

It’s not that this application is bad, photoshop is amazing I can assure you! But…… it’s just not my thing. I’m not very KEEN on changing or editing or improvise or whatever it is towards the original copy of the piece such as videos, posters etc. I love watching the amazing result of editing such as the wedding photo – it’s like a person’s masterpiece. It’s weird how I can stare on my laptop’s screen for hours/days, but not when it comes to working with editing, *fall to the ground*. I’ve tried using this application during my high school & sure enough I can only stay with it for less than 4 hours. So, not me! I can’t do it, but for the sake of our project, I’ll try my hardest to survive through this lesson of working on Adobe Photoshop. Fighting!!!!!

download (9)

One more thing before I proceed, even if  I’m going to be terrible at this (I guess), I hope that I can master the basic knowledge of this application so that I make use of it as one of my teaching aids to attract students’ attention towards my teaching.

To avoid any mistakes, during the lesson, I strictly did my best to follow the instructor’s order.

~ Setting the canvas into ‘International paper’, ‘A3’ size & resolution in ‘100 – 150’.

~ Import the desired pictures – can be rotated in clockwise and vise versa direction.

~ Then, ‘Float all in windows’ when setting up a new canvas so that we can drag the picture in any position on the canvas.

*******I’m lost here********

****Mr Helmi repeat the steps again & I resume***********

~ We can also click ‘Show transform control’ to adjust the size of the picture.

~ There’s also button to change the background colour, fonts, size of the fonts etc when we click on the desired layer at the lower right of the screen.

*The End*

Fuuhhh (relief)

I thought of giving up actually, but when I was playing with the cursor, clicking here & there, AT LEAST the result is not bad (I think)


The truth is, I manage to produce this (Please be reminded that this is the first time I manage Photoshop with Aqilah’s help)


*clap3x to myself & Aqilah 🙂

We’re planning to use this poster as our group’s official poster. But…..

After taking a walk around the other group & looking back at this, the first thing that came to my mind is the word ‘gloomy’.

Yup, gloomy! Gloomy as in horror movie, thriller movie etc.

I think it’s because of the black colour. My classmates also mentioned similar thing.

So, cancel! After all, the audience’s opinion is very important and as true as it is ,right? We’ll try to do another poster that will look cheerful and as bright as the story in our video is 🙂

So, wait for it until we manage to produce a better poster. Till then, see you!

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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.

I’m so nervous  actually. Kak Ana has notified us about a presentation that we have to do to show the progress in our video-making.


Me, Aqilah, Faiezah & Fatin Athirah have conducted an online discussion through facebook group and assign each of us to readied which part of the guideline given:

~ prepare a medium of presentation by using powerpoint, prezi or any other suitable software

~ the content includes the title, group members, title of the video, the objectives of making the video

~ presentation of the completed parts of the video and the edited ones

~ presentation of the scenes (complete or incomplete)

~ your expectation towards the video.

As for me, I’m responsible to keep our group blog – every group work and work and shooting and editing and working and discussion etc – up-to-date and report everything that we have done so far towards producing and finishing our video.

*You may have a look at my group’s work here at this link 4Diva Legacy Production.

In conjunction to this mid-term assignment, we have prepared a powerpoint slides presentation.


Unfortunately, we woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday!

When we started the presenting,  everything was alright until it’s the video time.

Our video which has been embedded on the slides is not working at all. It’s stuck! :(

Although my group members just continue presenting their part & explain without the slides, it was a MESS!

It has never occured in my mind that this problem will interfere with our presentation and we were really disappointed because we could not show our work progress on the videos to the lecturers.

Is the file is too heavy? Then why is it when we tried playing it on the other computer, its working just well. I really don’t understand at all! I personally think that its a waste for not having the lecturers seen them. It’s very frustrating.


Therefore, we tried to show them over again – this time by using Aqilah’s laptop to the lecturers.

& it’s still not working! OMG!!


We were really thankful & grateful because the instructors are so understanding of our unexpected situation.

It’s great to know that Mr Helmi & Brother Fuad understood us & told us not to worry because they said that they can see our video progress very well (maybe because we often refer to Mr Helmi to comment regarding our video quality in the past weeks).

Brother Fuad even gave tips to make one folder & put all the videos we want to show including the slides so that it will be easier to open them during presentation.

Besides, Mr Helmi also mention not to put the videos in powerpoint slides because the similar case like us (technical problem) can happen again in the future.

In conclusion, all of the unexpected that happens was because we don’t have a BACK-UP plan. Supposedly, in case the video will stuck in inserted into slides, the original video file should be placed in ONE folder so that we can manually open the video file instead. Though it might disturb the smoothness of the presentation, back-up plan should be readied!

From what I think, next time, for SURE, we’re not going to use this method again. Even if we do, we’ll make sure to prepare a back-up plan so that our presentation will be smooth.

Once again, lesson of the day, DON’T PANIC & HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN!

{Handling things the manual way is the best way to avoid any unexpected problem.}

To add, other groups also did an awesome job with their editing skills in video-making and some even using Prezi as their medium of presentation. I have also learnt to use Prezi when we took the Learner Strategies course in the first semester with our beloved Prof Amin Embi, one of the developer for ifolio & extremely an expert in Web 2.0. Not to mention that I also notice some of my classmates have actually a great hidden talent in acting and their story line were also exciting yet creatively done!

So, that’s all for today. Thank you.



good-day-7Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Today lessons is the hardest so far I think. For me!

ADobe Photoshop!

Heard of it, but never interested in working for it!

It’s because I know there are many things to do and many complicated features included in order to edit a picture like this:

download (3)

Nah, this thing needs a lot of patience.

It’s a great application though. But maybe not for me as I have no interest in this. However let’s give this a try.

Mr Helmi said that this is not the latest version, but it is good enough for us beginners to familiarize ourselves with it.

Mr Helmi taught us how to crop a picture. After opening a picture in this Photoshop, we can use many features such as cropping to get the image that we want. Only after that can we insert the preferred background as we desired.


See the features on the lower part on the right-hand side?

That’s where we can edit the picture as much as we like such the fonts, colours of the background etc.

We can also put caption, bubbles and such.

What I think about this application that it’s great! I can use this application as one of my teaching aid to use in teaching and learning process so as to attract students attention. It is only right that I learn to master this basic application so that I will not be left behind in ICT knowledge in the future. Besides, I think the (my) students will also show high interest in learning this application later on.


there needs to be extra lesson about this. I am lost in the way actually because it is too hard to work with the cursor to follow the desired images etc.

Then, in the middle, I am not familiar at all with all of  the buttons there! I couldn’t even find the back/undo key haha  poor me 😦

Even though I want to learn this later in my room, but i need someone to teach me the functions and show me for further ways!

Even so, every one should really learn how to work with this application. We can use it for many purposes such as to make a picture more lively and beautiful with certain effects, to edit and make posters and etc.

My suggestion is that, for me, two or three lessons will not be sufficient for me – a beginner – to learn all of this. That’s why I suggest that more lessons will follow after this to truly master Photoshop skills. It can be a bonus for us to make our video production more… more… BETTER! hahaha

That’s all for now. Bye.

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Assalamualaikum and heyya peeps!

Straight to the points!

So today, Mr Helmi taught us on how to deal with Windows Live Movie Maker version 6.0! Why??

So that we can use this application to edit our video and make it more interesting with all of the features in it!

Well, I am not surprise at first because I’ve used this application (in my foundation year) before to do my project.

But unfortunately, not with the latest version that we’re using in class right now. Even the one in my laptop is the old version like this:

download (1)

Thankfully that the latest version is much more easier to deal with. I do think that there are more features available and some better updates than the old one!


Actually, I am very thankful to the instructor for teaching us this application in a slow motion for I still am getting used to this application, just like the rest of my friends whom are not keen to this application.

In my opinion, it’s great that I can learn to adapt to this Windows Live Movie Maker in just a day. It’s because all of the necessary basic things that I need to know is already taught, and the rest of the features, I need to explore them a bit deeper by myself.

images (35)

But, what about the others? I mean, the slow learner who are still blur about this application? Shouldn’t this lesson be a little longer? In terms of explaining the functions and features and how to import export transitions etc etc – in a longer lesson. Though I hope that I think that I can learn slowly by myself haha 🙂 (can you understand that?)

If I were to be a teacher in the future (In shaa Allah), I will also use this application to train my students when doing project or such. But of course, there is a need for a training lesson first before getting to real work. Like what we are doing right now. By learning and mastering this skills of working with Movie Maker, they will have a chance to be more effective and creative in their work. It can be a very interesting lesson time for them.

All in all,

So I hope that I can master this skills and knowledge first before I can  taught my students. hehe


That’s ‘Audacity’ on the screen


Turns out we can 'cut' our desired audio in this application

Turns out we can ‘cut’ our desired audio in this application

That’s all for now. THank you.

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